Rugby is a brutal sport. It’s not uncommon that players lose parts of their body to the mayhem. Case in point: Teeth frequently get chipped and/or knocked out because of a particularly brutal hit.

Salta Beer, which proudly proclaims itself the sponsor of Rugby Union in Argentina, designed an ingenious way for toothless players to get part of their smile back and morph into the talk of their next party. The company, in conjunction with Ogilvy Argentina, placed beer bottle-opening implants into the players’ mouths. According to Ad Week, the spot is all real: These players can now safely open cerveza with their grills. If you’re a little squeamish about surgical procedures, you might want to look away during the middle portion of the clip, which shows oral surgeons dutifully working on the players’ mouths.

While we’re not hoping to lose any of our pearly whites soon, we know what we’re asking for if we do.

[via Cool Material]