If you take cocktails seriously, you’ll be pleased to know that cult mixology den PDT now has an iOS app featuring 400 recipes from their archives. You can download it for $9.99 through the app store to access to a veritable encyclopedia of ingredients and recipes. Here’s what the landing page looks like.


To be honest, the amount of information is a little overwhelming—there’s detailed intel on everything from mint leaves to Peruvian bitters. So here’s how to navigate this wealth of cocktail knowledge, whether you’re a novice mixologist or an advanced boozehound.


The first thing you need to do is take stock of your inventory. This is time consuming but worthwhile, since it will make everything else you do easier. You’re essentially making a list of all the ingredients you’ve got. This will help you locate cocktails that you’re actually able to make.

inventory1 inventory2

Now you’re ready to roll. If you’re a newbie, there are two good ways to start exploring your drinking options.

Keyword search

Despite what you see at bars, you don’t need a whole lot of fancy ingredients to make a cocktail. If you’ve got a bottle of vodka in the back of your freezer, type it into the search bar to see what you can do with it.

search1 search2

You can filter the results by all the same categories found on the landing page. The most useful ones are probably ingredients (no point trying to make a Moscow Mule if you don’t have ginger beer) and characteristics, which let’s you choose things like how strong a drink you’d like.

search3 search4

2. Search by base

Another way to get to those results is to browse by base spirit, like bourbon, for instance.

base1 base2

Because you’ve already punched in all your ingredients, the recipe (Mint Julep) helpfully tells you what you’re missing (mint) and what recipe items you can substitute (any brand of bourbon instead of Booker’s).

base3 base4

While there’s plenty there to keep you busy—and tipsy—for a good, long while, where this app really shines is in the opportunity it provides for enthusiasts to geek out. Not only does it provide recipes for cocktails, but it gives a detailed step-by-step for creating the accompanying ingredients, like Momofuku cereal milk or a beer-and-smoke glass rimming mix. And of course, it has all of PDT’s house creations from the last 8 years, usefully gathered in one place.

PDT Originals

These are the keys to the castle, right here.

original1 original2

If there’s a particular drink you once enjoyed at the bar, you can look it up by year or by provenance.

provenance1 provenance2

Here are a bunch of recipes from the master himself, Jim Meehan.

meehan1 meehan2

Overall, the app is probably a little advanced if you just want to improve your Bloody Mary mix or get the right ratios for a margarita. But if you appreciate a well-made drink and know your way around a mixing stick, you’ll realize the value of recreating PDT’s cocktails (which helped to kick off the nation’s current mixology renaissance) is way more than the $9.99 it costs.

Download the PDT Cocktail app for iOS here.