When we want to smite our enemies, we send them a bag of edible dicks. And when we want to celebrate our friends and co-conspirators, we send them gift baskets of carefully curated artisan foodstuffs from Mouth.com, our favorite indie-food delivery service. That’s just the way it is.

To help you gift with a greater degree of awesomeness, we teamed up with our friends at Mouth to create three FWF-approved gift sets, inspired by the things that make us want to turn up and feast: not going to the club on a Tuesday, day-dreaming about picnicking with Kanye, and waking up ravenous in the dead of night.

Check out the FWF x Mouth gift baskets below, then let the delicious generosity flow to your loved ones.

Picnic with Kanye ($77)


Kanye West is many things: Musical genius. Burgeoning designer. World-class egomaniac. But he is also a man of simple pleasures. He likes to go to brunch (sometimes with Taylor Swift). He loves ice cream. He devours s’mores with the innocent joy of a kid at summer camp.

Sometimes, we daydream about what it would be like to have a picnic with Yeezus. What would we talk about? Probably Kanye West. What would we eat? Needless to say, we’d curate the greatest al fresco spread of all time, pimped out with filet-mignon beef jerky and red-wine biscuits, to mark the occasion—and we’d bring along some nunchucks to ward off any unwanted paparazzi.

If you’re feeling this Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, order this next-level picnic basket, find a sunny spot and lay out the Gucci blanket. Picnic with Kanye is a state of mind. ORDER HERE

4am Munchies ($55)


Just because you’re standing in your kitchen in the middle of the night, bleary-eyed and butt-naked, doesn’t mean you have to lower your snacking standards. For those times when you crave something salty, sweet, chewy, crunchy, and—above all else—delicious, this basket is better than any 7/11 run could ever be.

From improved pop tarts with artisanal jam, to “pork clouds” kissed with sea salt, it’s stoner food for people who would rather devour bourbon-laced peanut butter than eat a shriveled taquito rotating under a heat lamp. ORDER HERE

Going Up on a Tuesday ($130)


With their hit record “Tuesday,” ILoveMakonnen and Drake taught us that we don’t have to wait until the weekend to party. But while they suggest hitting the club, we’re homebodies at heart, so we like to remix the concept: Instead of champagne in the VIP section, it’s expertly wrought Manhattans on the couch, preferably with an episode of Broad City on deck. The midweek slump has no chance against Brooklyn-made whiskey, local bitters and the best cocktail cherries you’ve ever had. Tuesdays are the new Saturday… ORDER HERE