Baja Blast has been exclusively available at Taco Bell for over a decade. In 2014, Mountain Dew did a first-ever limited-edition release of the tropical lime drink in cans and bottle. It was such a hit that the brand is once again bringing Baja Blast back for a limited time starting April 20.

But that ain’t all, Dew fans: The soda brand is also launching Sangrita Blast, a citrus version of the drink.

Mountain Dew took a page out of Taco Bell’s social media playbook when it carefully teased its Baja Blast campaign for the past week on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Adweek spoke to Mountain Dew digital brand manager Christine Ngo, who said,

“We started with discreet posts, but it didn’t take long for Dew Nation to call us out and beg for the rumors to be true.”

Then Mountain Dew finally dropped the curtain with a tweet from the drink’s new spokesman, Dale Earnhardt Jr:

#BajaBlastReturns is all that Mountain Dew fans can think about:

Members of the Dew Nation are currently excited because they won’t have to hit up Taco Bell for their #BajaBlast fix, but that may not matter if Taco Bell starts doing delivery in 2015.

Imagine a world where Baja Blast Freezes can be delivered straight to your door. We know that Taco Bell listens to its fans on social media, and delivery is currently the #1 Taco Bell topic on Twitter on weekends. Here’s hoping that soon we can all live that dream in real life.

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