What started as a simple Twitter prank will most likely become reality thanks to unexpected consumer interest.

Earlier this week, Wayback Burgers tweeted that its Cricket Milkshake contains “premium vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and high protein cricket powder.” The tweet also said the shake would be part of the national chain’s Brake for Shakes promotion from April 1st through June 30th, and that a 22-ounce shake would sell for $4.50.

To the chain’s surprise, people on Twitter responded positively to the joke Cricket Shake. “Enough people were ready to pony up $4.50 that the chain is looking seriously at the shake,” writes BurgerBusiness.com. Wayback Burgers sent out this followup tweet on April 1:

Director of Marketing Gillian Maffeo tells BurgerBusiness.com,

“The High Protein Cricket Milkshake was announced in order to have some fun in the spirit of April Fools’ Day. That being said, we are certainly taking some of the feedback we’ve been receiving into consideration for a line of high-protein shakes we’re developing, set to launch this summer around our Free Shake Day on June 21, as the use of cricket powder is a growing trend thanks to its protein content. It’s actually pretty good!”

Wayback Burgers has around 100 stores across the U.S., and one location in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While it isn’t a massive chain the size of a Burger King or McDonald’s, that’s still an awful lot of cricket protein exposure. Maybe fast-food is the optimal way to get more bug protein in our diet.

Selling crickets as a high-protein food for human consumption is an industry that’s been funded on Shark Tank and is only gaining momentum. Are crickets the next kale? René Redzepi would love that.

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