Ever since cannabis legalization started happening, entrepreneurs have brought an exciting array of weed-infused products to market. By now, edibles research has come so far that even pet owners are giving their pooches canna-treats. Brave experiments have been undertaken to infuse coffee, make Cheez-Its, and create a soda that turned out to be so potent, it actually exploded off store shelves in Washington state.

If you’re thinking beer makes a natural choice for infusion, you’re right. Colorado-based Oskar Blues has flirted with the concept at least twice before: first with its Pinner Throwback IPA, and again with last month’s Smells Like Freedom, which was a collabo with DC Brau in support of cannabis legalization in Washington, D.C.

The difference between both these beers and the Tangerine High-PA recipe from Slate is that the first two only smelled like weed—while Tangerine High-PA is actually infused with it. The recipe calls for a small infusion of a hash oil tincture that you can legally and easily obtain in the state of Colorado.

tangerine high-pa 2

As Oskar Blues founder Dale Katechis told the Cannabist back when Pinner Throwback was released, the math makes tons of sense because cannabis and hop plants are related.

Katechis said, “They’re both in the family of cannabaceae, and the aromas are very similar.”

tangerine high-pa 3

The brewers who helped Slate make this video explain that they chose this specific tangerine strain for two reasons: It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid, which means it gives you a more energetic high. Also, the citrusy profile of the tangerine strain goes well with the citrusy hops.

Slate also includes a warning from the brewmasters: All the steps outlined in this video only apply specifically to this Tangerine High-PA. They caution that you can’t expect to simply combine hash oil with any IPA you want and get the same delicious results.

If you start brewing today, even though you won’t be able to drink this brew until next month, you’ll know that your beer’s true birthday was 4/20. That’s special.

[via Slate]