Most of us are stoked about employee benefits like discounted gym memberships and 401K matching. But in the rarified world of silicon valley, where nap pods, ping-pong tables, and hammocks are basically requisite office furniture, employee benefits include on-campus restaurants that make your office cafeteria look like a #saddesklunch convention.

Business Insider compiled a list of Top 10 Tech Campus Restaurants, which will either make you hate Mark Zuckerberg even more than you already did after The Social Network, or convince you to sign up for that weekend coding course you’ve been thinking about doing (probably both). The list was compiled using Foursquare data, taking into account how many likes a restaurant received, and whether the tips were positive or negative.

The results are a fascinating and envy-inducing insight into what lunchtime at Google, Linked In, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft is like. Here are the five top-ranked eateries on tech campuses.

Cafe Baadal, Google

This full service Indian restaurant is so popular that Google employees are encouraged to make reservations to eat here. Walk-ins can expect to wait for a table, but reportedly the food is worth it (people seem to really like the rose lassi). Guess it doesn’t hurt that all Google’s restaurants are free, either.

Slice Cafe, Google

Photo: Foursquare/ Vicki T.

Lest we forget this is California, the fourth best tech-campus restaurant is a health-conscious cafe and juice bar. According to Foursquare, the Googley Blueberry is the best smoothie on the list. (Photo: Foursquare/ Vicki T.)

Harvest, Facebook

Everything at this salad bar is apparently so amazing that if you don’t have an ordering strategy you’ll be paralyzed by the bevy of mouthwatering options. According to Foursquare, fans of the roast jalapeño and tomato soup have created an internal group dedicated to the dish.

Caffè Macs, Apple

Tempura and oysters. Lunch feast. #caffemacs

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This cafe seems to serve everything from sushi to pizza, and Apple employees can’t get enough. One Foursquare user says he stood in line behind Steve Jobs once and just ordered what the head honcho was having. Just your usual workday, nbd.

Philz Coffee, Facebook

Photo: Foursquare/ Maggie D.

The top ranked restaurant is a coffee chain that’s so popular Mark Zuckerberg personally requested they open an outpost at Facebook. It’s good to know not everyone in Silicon Valley is putting butter in their coffee. (Photo: Foursquare/ Maggie D.)