Does your state love to booze? A new interactive map from tech company Find The Best has pulled together info on the number of bars per capita for each state in America. Wisconsin comes in at No. 1, which makes sense given that an (obviously intoxicated) Wisconsin woman recently broke into a house to steal cheese and Guinness. Buy yourself a round of your choice and a block of cheese immediately, Wisconsinites.

If you’re wondering where all the other states fall, we’ll take you through a quick tour of both the highs and the lows. That way, you can plan your future trips accordingly.

The top 3 booziest states in the U.S.


booziest states 1

North Dakota

booziest states 2


booziest states 3

At the other end of the scale, the least boozy state in the nation will surprise no one.

The 3 least-inebriated states in 2015:


booziest states least 1


booziest states least 2 real


booziest states least 3

While Virginia may not be on this map for quantity, they do have some booze with an interesting story to tell. In December 2014, Richmond, VA-based Ardent Craft Ales brewed up Jane’s Percimon Beer, a 300-year-old beer recipe taken from the Virginia Historical Society’s archives.

We can also say from experience that there are a few awesome brewpubs in Salt Lake City. If you find yourself looking for a drink there, you should check out Squatters Pub and Brewery or Uinta Brewing. The pub portion of Uinta is currently closed for renovations, but they’re still selling beer and giving brewery tours.

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