If restaurants’ Twitter feeds are now starting to sound like your annoying teen cousin (pancakes on fleek, anyone?), then you can bet on the fact that many businesses around the country were rearing to go this April Fools’ Day.

Admittedly, we fell for a few of their pranks, but sometimes it’s easier to believe in something when you desperately want it to be real (case in point: electrolyte beer).

Peep our favorite (fake) food and beverage products released today, April 1, by jokesters across the nation.

Kim Kardashian “Shape Dat Ass” Jelly Mould


“Grab a piece of ass or just enjoy the hole thing.” Firebox recommends greasing the tin to give it “that familiar well oil-glazed.” (Photo: Firebox)

Sixpoint Beer Dust


Dehydrated beer powder that comes in 32 oz. packets is kind of genius. “With the Craft Beer shelves crowded with so many styles, we wanted to find a product that could reach people outside the beer cooler,” says Aaron Ekroth, Sixpoint’s Creative Director. (Photo: Sixpoint)

Golden Road Brewery Electrolyte Beer

We always had a hunch that beer was hydrating. 

IHOP’s Bacon Dispenser


Stinky Tofu Taiwanese Perfume


This sh*t is hot at night markets. For all we know, this could be real. Buy us some if it is. (Photo: Taiwanese American)

Spam Bushwick’s Artisanal Spam


We’re wondering if David Chang was behind this one.

Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pilsner

This pilsner is brewed using “the rich notes of Italian herbs, fruity Italian tomatoes, and Peruvian cherry peppers.” Lucky for you, there’s IRL tomato beer from Canton, which is dry hopped with the fruit.