The Bold Italic designer Kathleen Kowal created a beautiful infographic to help decipher the mysteries of Fernet-Branca, the intensely herbal Amaro. Kowal’s elegant designs would look good in anyone’s bar or kitchen; thankfully, she turns some of them into prints, available at her online shop. Once this Fernet graphic becomes available for purchase, we plan to cop immediately.

So what’s the deal with Fernet?

It’s an Italian bitter, or Amaro—but unlike most bitters, it contains no sugar. Argentines love it so much that Fernet and Coke is considered Argentina’s national beverage. The Atlantic reports that you can drink this 80-proof liquor heavily and still not get a hangover. Argentine grandmothers will tell you to drink more because it cures hangovers and it’s good for you.

In the U.S., Fernet is especially adored in San Francisco (which is why Kowal’s infographic showed up in SF-centric publication The Bold Italic). Fun fact: San Franciscans could legally drink the Amaro during Prohibition because it was considered medicinal.

You can view the entire infographic there, but here’s a small taste.

fernet infographic 1fernet infographic 2fernet infographic 3

[via The Bold Italic, The Atlantic]

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