There’s a lot of noise coming out of Austin this time of year, what with all the #influencers trying to create #content and optimize their #brand. But all we really care about is using Vine/Snapechat/Meerkat/et al to see hilarious videos of drunk idiots doing what they do best. And so, courtesy of the wonderfully named website Total Frat Move, we bring you this, well, total frat move: A dude rocking basketball shorts and high-tops escaping from the cops on Sixth Street while they’re busy tasering another guy outside the Blind Pig Pub.

You can catch the original footage via TFM’s Ross Bolen, but we much prefer this version set to Drake’s “Know Yourself.”

We won’t even get into the fact that it’s the black guy the cops focus their attention on, leaving this moron to high-tail it into the crowd. White privilege in action? Who knows—let’s just hope everyone made it out safe.

[via Total Frat Move]