You might love the convenience of your favorite coffee pods, but simultaneously feel guilty about their harmful environmental effects and the waste they create. It’s okay, you’re not alone: Even K-Cup creator John Sylvan feels guilty about inventing the things.

Part of the beauty of invention is that for every great idea someone dreams up, more people come along in its wake to refine that idea. That’s certainly the case with designer Eason Chow Wai Tung, who came up with the brilliant Droops Coffeemaker to solve all your single-serving coffee environmental conundrums.

Taking inspiration from sugar-coated candies, Droops coffee pods are completely dissolvable—so there’s no waste whatsoever. The outside is made of a sugar shell that can be various thicknesses, depending on how sweet you like your coffee. Inside is the coffee powder, as well as whatever cream or flavorings go with that particular coffee pod. Basically, it’s like the coffee pods you’re using now, only without waste.

It’s just a concept now, but we’d love to see a design like this in mass production as soon as possible. We’re sure the makers of the short film Kill the K Cup would approve.

Here are all the clever details:

droops3 droops2 droops4 droops5

[via Yanko Design, Design Taxi]