Starbucks announced a couple of bits of news on Tuesday that’s sure to pique customers’ interest.

Not only did the chain start offering cold-brew coffee as an all-year item today, it’ll also make smoothies available in 4,300 stores—which customers can then customize with kale. Starbucks’ new smoothie pledge comes from its partnership with yogurt giant Danone. Here’s how the smoothies and partnership will work:

The coffee chain, which has about 12,000 U.S. shops, will offer smoothies made with its own Evolution Fresh juices and an exclusive-to-Starbucks Dannon Greek yogurt at shops in Washington state, Oregon, Alaska, Northern California and Idaho.

Priced at $5.95 for a 16-ounce size, the smoothies will come in three flavors and can be customized by adding ingredients such as protein powder and fresh kale, said Jeff Hansberry, president of Starbucks’ Evolution Fresh brand.

While Starbucks is a wholly different beast than another recent kale-adopter, McDonald’s, the size of the coffee chain puts it in the same weight class as the Golden Arches. This fact only means one thing: kale, as a food trend, has officially jumped the shark and gone mainstream.

It now joins Australia’s flat white as an item that’s met its demise at the hands of chain. R.I.P. once more, kale.

[Via Reuters]