We’ve all been there: You’re lounging around at home, you realize you have a fine bottle of Friulano in the kitchen, and a special someone to impress waiting in the living room. Then it hits you: you let your irresponsible neighbor borrow your only corkscrew.

Worry not, bro. Do you have a bike pump? How about a blowtorch? Maybe you have a butter knife somewhere? Then you’re all good. In the video above, the folks at Eater Drinks demonstrate five insane ways to open a bottle of vino sans corkscrew.


Brace yourself for more awesome videos and beverage coverage from the brand-spanking-new Eater Drinks. The site will geek out over beer, wine, sake, liquor, coffee, tea, juice—even bone broth. Expect ruminations on liquor by L.A.-based Caroline Pardilla, a monthly beer review column from Joshua Bernstein, and cocktail stories from “World’s Best Bartender” Charles Joly.

Alcohol knowledge is important, folks—it’s time to soak Eater Drinks’ explainers, features, maps, opinion, videos, recipes, and reviews up like a sponge.

[via Eater Drinks]

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