Do you want to know how to make a Moscow Mule or classic Margarita?

Google announced the newest addition to its Knowledge Graph this morning, adding cards that walk through recipes for various cocktails—including Bloody Marys, Whiskey Sours, Manhattans, and more. The cards break down the “main alcohol” for each cocktail alongside garnishes and recommended glassware.

Just press the mic on the Google app on iPhone or Android and ask “Ok Google, how do I make a Moscow Mule?” or “Ok, Google, how do I make a White Russian?”

The Verge notes,

Recipes for food (‘how to make meatloaf’) have been part of the Knowledge Graph for some time, but engineers noticed a lot of requests for cocktails specifically, and Search data gave them a clear ranking of which cocktails users were most curious about.

Which cocktails, specifically, were Google users most curious about? Check it:

Most Searched Cocktails in 2015

1) Moscow Mule
2) Margarita
3) Bloody Mary
4) Hot Toddy
5) White Russian
6) Manhattan
7) Mojito
8) Whiskey Sour
9) Sangria
10) Piña Colada

Need bourbon for your Manhattan? Just say “Ok Google, show me liquor stores near here” to pick up some on the way home. You can also say, “Ok Google, show me cocktail bars near here,” and you’ll see a list of selections along with hours, location, ratings, and photos.

Basically, Google wants to help you turn up conveniently, and in style.


[via Google, The Verge]