Drinking Gatorade does not make you Michael Jordan, despite what the brand’s advertising would lead you to believe. It does, however, evoke memories of the legendary Chicago Bulls player because of M.J.’s huge partnership with the drink in the early 1990s.

With that being said, prepare to have your memories’ jogged, nineties babies: Gatorade’s brought back and animated its “Be Like Mike” advertisement┬áin honor of its 50th anniversary. Watch the whole clip above, as it gains a pumped-up soundtrack and Low End Theory-like colors. It’s v. neat. You can also watch the 1992 original below.

Of course, it should be noted here that the “Be Like Mike” campaign was the highest form of false advertising. Michael Jordan has never been as happy and personable as he’s shown in this clip. M.J. is ruthless. He also allegedly prefers another liquid more than Gatorade.

But be like Mike everyday, regardless!