People love food. People love to watch movies. Why not combine these two passions with a good food flick? 

There’s a Smörgåsbord of food-driven movies at this year’s SXSW Film Festival (March 13-21), including: a black comedy about a lonely ice-cream van driver; an intimate look into the life of L.A.’s most esteemed chowhound, Jonathan Gold; a documentary about a man who makes sandwiches for the homeless in Vancouver’s poorest neighborhood; and so much more.

Even if you can’t make it out to Austin, TX this week, you can catch these movies when they’re released to wider audiences after the film fest. Whet your appetite with the trailers and descriptions below.

For Grace

Directors: Kevin Pang and Mark Helenowski

The story of Chicago chef Curtis Duffy, whose single minded pursuit to be the best almost cost him everything. “He survived personal tragedy and put all his energy into assembling his dream restaurant, Grace, only to discover that in the process, he was in danger of losing his marriage and daughters,” writes Kevin Jagernauth.

Bone in Throat

Director: Graham Henman

Based on Anthony Bourdain’s novel of the same, this is a gritty fast paced story about a young ambitious chef mixed up with the East End London mob.

City of Gold

Director: Mahesh Manjrekar

The Jonathan Gold documentary—which debuted at Sundance Film Festival last month—gives viewers an intimate look into the life of L.A.’s most esteemed chowhound.

Good Things Await

Director: Phie Ambo

Niels Stokholm is one of the most idealistic farmers in Denmark. This documentary focuses on the octogenarian’s biodynamic approach to agriculture, food production, and nutrition.

Sailing a Sinking Sea

Director: Olivia Wyatt

This documentary explores the culture of the nomadic Moken people of Burma and Thailand. The Moken use their awesome underwater spear-fishing skills to survive.

Carne Seca (Short)

Director: Jazmin Diaz

Two brothers living in Mexico have until sunset to sell a styrofoam cooler full of beef, or face the consequences from their aggressive and alcoholic father.

Ktown Cowboys

Director: Daniel Park

Based on the wildly successful web-series of the same name, Ktown Cowboys is “a fucked up coming of age story.” The dramedy “follows a group of ball-busting, hard-partying friends wrestling with their evolution into adulthood.” They band together in Koreatown to party at seedy after-hour soju bars and karaoke joints.

The Sandwich Nazi

Director: Lewis Bennett


Here’s SXSW’s official description of the film: “Deli owner Salam Kahil is an art collector, a former male escort, an amateur musician, and a sandwich maker to the homeless in Vancouver’s poorest neighborhood—but his true passion is talking about blowjobs.”

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla*

Director: Stuart Simpson

A black comedy/drama about a lonely ice-cream van driver, Warren Thompson, and his unhealthy obsession with television soap starlet, Katey George.

On Her Own*

Director: Morgan Schmidt-Feng

Nancy Prebilich and her family struggle to hold onto their 5th-generation family ranch in Northern California during the Great Recession. “This doc goes beyond the romance of farming…Unflinching, compassionate, and beautiful,” says Michael Pollan.

*Playing at RXSM-Self Medicated Film Expo in Austin, alongside SXSW.