Ever since Prohibition, people have found new and innovative ways to protest laws they felt were unfair in this country. Washington, D.C.’s DC Brau and Colorado’s Oskar Blues Brewery teamed up and started scheming a collaboration brew called Smells Like Freedom in Fall 2014.

The Washington Post reports that the beer includes a combination of “three experimental hops that, when combined, produced a distinctly marijuana-like aroma.”

The 7% ABV American IPA was unveiled at Meridian Pint last night, both on draft and in a cask. So far, Untappd users give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

smells like freedom 3

DC Brau brewer Christopher Graham explained the hops selection further: [pullquote]”All had that undertone of piney, resinous, dank quality that someone would expect from a nugget [of weed].”[/pullquote]

Smells Like Freedom is more than just a simple case of “Wouldn’t it be cool if we put beer and weed together, haha?” It’s a creative form of protest in the District, where a ballot measure put to voters in November 2014 ended with voters overwhelmingly supporting D.C.’s legalization of marijuana for recreational use. House Republicans attempted to block the measure, but D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser put it into play last month.

Now it’s legal to possess, share, or grow marijuana at home within the District—but you can’t sell or buy it, because Congress unfortunately stepped in.

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DC Brau co-founder Brandon Skall says he doesn’t smoke pot himself, but sees his place in a long line of protesters since the Prohibition era. 

“I believe 100 percent in people’s freedom to do so. I think that if we didn’t have people standing for the end of prohibition. . .this business would not be here today.”

Skall also firmly believes that D.C. residents should be able to benefit from tax revenues on recreational marijuana the way that Colorado is—especially when it comes to education. Skall, who is currently expecting his second child, said: [pullquote]”You walk into a D.C. public school, you see empty bookshelves, you seen underfunding, you see teachers going out and spending their [own] money to buy kids supplies. We should be able to benefit the same way that other states do.”[/pullquote]

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