When you’re looking at a beer menu, and you see gueuzes, imperial porters, and California commons—do not get defeated. Instead, pull up Craftbeer.com’s new interactive Beer Styles Guide on your phone.

The guide depicts 77 beer styles in 15 style families. On first glance, it gives you a quick photo-rich visual overview of the different styles. When you hover over any of the beer glasses, you’re presented with a brief description of the style. 


If you click “Learn More” (which you should), you’ll be taken to a page displaying a wealth of information, including:

  • an in-depth description of the style
  • suggested food pairings
  • info on which glass accentuates your beer best
  • what temperature your beer should be served at
  • commercial examples of the style
  • other beers you might enjoy based on the beer you’ve selected
  • so much more.

saison saison-2


For those who want to dive even deeper, an extensive text guide uses an alphabetical list of triggers—from alcohol to yeast variety—to help describe possible characteristics of a specific beer style.

You should obviously go through the style guide and challenge yourself to taste every beer. Because Craftbeer.com is infinitely awesome, the site also has a beer tasting sheet where you can record what you detect when tasting each style. Cheers!

[via Craftbeer.com]