Long hailed as one of the most expensive coffees in the world, civet poop coffee has finally found its way into craft beer. Don’t know what civet coffee is? It’s coffee brewed from beans that have made their way through a civet’s digestive system.

Big Konas is a 7.4% ABV imperial brown ale featuring civet beans sourced from California’s Luwak Cafe, alongside cacao nibs from Ecuador and Ghana. Michigan’s Perrin Brewing released a limited 30-barrel batch of the brew in February.

Perrin head brewer John Stewart told MLive that the six-month process to make the civet coffee beer was pretty intense:

“Usually, you don’t go through an interview process with the raw materials people to see if they will even source it to you.”

Currently, Big Konas is only available on tap at the brewery, and an 8-ounce pour will run you $6. Some reviewers on Untappd have also purchased growlers to take home.

Both MLive writer Garret Ellison and several Untappd reviewers have praised the brew’s smoothness and lack of astringency. Of course, many of the Untappd reviews are also completely hilarious.

Here are some of our favorites.

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But our absolute favorite review sums everything up so succinctly.

big konas 9

Your move, elephant poop coffee.

[via MLive]

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