A couple years ago, we published a story called “15 Things Craft Beer Fans Think (But Nobody Says),” in which we tackled a slew of beer-world taboos that we felt had been glossed over in mainstream media: Is the Brewers Association definition of craft beer arbitrary and outdated? Is there too much copycatting in the industry? Why are there so many white dudes standing behind the brew kettle and bellying up to bars?

Since then, we’ve continued to drive conversation around suds-related hot topics, putting brewing luminaries in the hot seat for a beer inquisition, exposing the controversial practice of reselling rare bottles,  and taking chefs to task for championing cheap swill.

We do all this because we love craft beer, and because we believe open dialogue is the best way to maintain transparency in the growing industry, and encourage consumers to stay educated and engaged in what they’re drinking. Which is why we’re so thrilled to announce a new partnership with Brooklyn Brewery to present the State of Craft Beer, a podcast launching at the beginning of April. You’ll be able to listen to it here on FWF and subscribe on iTunes.


The State of Craft Beer podcast will highlight a series of panel discussions moderated by Brooklyn Brewery founder Steve Hindy in different cities that are part of the Brooklyn Brewery Mash Tour, an eight-city traveling food and arts festival. At each stop, he’ll sit down with boldface names from the local scene to discuss the craft-beer revolution—what brewers are excited about, what challenges the industry faces, and what you need to be drinking. By following along with the podcast, you’ll develop a broad understanding of where craft beer is heading, from Chicago to Stockholm.

Of course, if the Mash is coming through your neck of the woods, don’t miss the opportunity to check out one of these panel discussions live, as well as a whole bunch of other awesome events like tap takeovers, supper clubs, film screenings, and more. Here’s a rundown of the full schedule:

  • New Orleans, Mar 23–29 [Get tickets now!]
  • London, Apr 27–May 3
  • Stockholm, May 23–31
  • Boston, June 25–21
  • Chicago, Aug 9–16
  • Washington, D.C. Oct 5–11
  • Philadelphia, Oct 19–25
  • Austin, Nov 9–15

Stay tuned for more soon!