Decaying NBA figurehead Kobe Bryant stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to the benefit of viewers everywhere. Bryant, who’s currently out for the rest of the NBA season with a torn rotator cuff (hence the cast), chatted it up with Fallon, reminiscing with the talk show host about a beer run they made together in 1996.

That sounds like something worth hearing, right? Here’s the nitty-gritty: a younger version of the pair had attended a party in L.A. during Kobe’s first NBA season. That get-together ran out of beer and sent Bryant and Fallon to fetch more. The two, cruising in Bryant’s Land Cruiser, stopped by a Pink Dot—which, as anyone familiar with L.A. will tell you, isn’t the proper place for making an impromptu booze pick-up.

Watch the full clip above to hear how it ends, which is great. But do note the year: Fallon, in the end, was probably the one meant to buy the beer. He was 22, while Kobe was only 18, making Bryant’s boozing illegal. Oops.


Photo: Bryant and Fallon in 1996

[via The Tonight Show]

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