Regular readers are well-aware that we love good-looking food around here. But what about good-looking packaging? We’ve dug up the most inventive, visually appealing, or just plain handy delivery systems for food and drink—the kind that makes looking at food almost as much fun as consuming it. Cheese that doesn’t come in pencil form or wine that doesn’t come with its own glass will never quite measure up.

Best #TBT to Elementary School Lunch

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.52.52 PM

Product: Cheese pencils
Designer: Korefe

Leave it to the Scandinavians (the Danes, to be precise) to come up with the sleekest, quirkiest cheese-dispensing method in the game. We’re willing to bet it’s the only writing utensil in the world with a truffle-flavored option.

Best Fruit That Isn’t Fruitjuice

Product: Juicy Juice boxes
Designer: Preston Grubbs

If it looks like an orange and tastes like an orange, it’s just as healthy as eating an actual orange, right?

Most Aesthetically Pleasing Real Talkyed

Product: Post-Colonial Tea Bags
Designer: Samantha Perkins

No better time to think about just how tea got so popular than while you’re drinking it. Every bag illustrates a different term, with images from British colonial history.

Best Pre-“Anaconda” Use of Bunsfitbuns

Product: Fitness Academy “Fit Buns”
Designer: Julia Bakhtina

Bonus points for the suggestion that carbs lead to rock-hard abs.

Most Hardcorebloodofgrapes

Product: Blood of Grapes wine
Designer: Constantin Bolimond

Red wine for horror movie enthusiasts—or at least not for the faint of heart.

Most Productive Use of Fidgetingoragami

Product: Origami beer label
Designer: Clara Lindsten

Yields a slightly prettier outcome than just scratching the label off.

Best Edible Skylinenycpackaging

Product: NYC Spaghetti
Designer: Alex Creamer

A spaghetti sculpture so gorgeous you almost won’t want to cook it. Almost.

Best-Designed Dog Foodwhitebites

Product: Whitebites Dental Chews
Designer: Cecilia Uhr

It’s food for dogs, not humans, but that doesn’t make the concept any less adorable.

Best Home-Baked Cookies That Aren’t Actually Home-Bakedthelma's

Thelma’s Cookies
Designer: Saturday MFG

Retro, double-tiered, sugary goodness. Your move, Insomnia.

Handiest Drinking Equipmentbusinessbottle

Product: The Business Bottle
Designer: Ampro

In theory, this apparatus allows businesspeople to have wine and two glasses ready to go for celebrating a deal with their clients. In reality, it’s for anyone who appreciates a good delivery system for wine on the go—which is to say, everyone.

Most Likely to Keep You Smiling

tri2 clevertri

Product: Trident Xtra Care
Designer: Hani Douaji

Luscious red lips and a mustachioed grin set the stage for rows of pearly whites—which aren’t teeth, of course, but pieces of Trident sugar-free gum.