Yeezy must’ve really enjoyed that blue cheese burger when he dined at The Spotted Pig with Taylor Swift the other night. Kanye just invited his 11 million Twitter followers to have a drink with him at The Spotted Pig, Ken Friedman’s cultish West Village gastropub.

Kanye first posted the invite on Twitter this morning around 5am—along with some other hate directed at Fashion Week creator Fern Mallis—then abruptly deleted it. Of course, it got screengrabbed and shared all over the Twitterverse.


Most likely, Yeezy chose to Tweet about The Spotted Pig because it’s a notorious fashion industry hangout—but we’d like to think it’s because Ye’s taste in restaurants has improved over time.


The Spotted Pig burger. (Photo: Liz Barclay)

Either way, Kanye’s invitation does raise some questions about The Spotted Pig’s reservation policy, like this Twitter user noted:

The Spotted Pig is one of the toughest no-reservations tables to score in NYC, although it’s worth remembering that SP did briefly take reservations last year to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Maybe Kanye’s mass invite will force the Spotted Pig into taking reservations?

All we know is, after this Tweet, the line for lunch at The Spotted Pig is about to look like a line of hypebeasts waiting for Yeezy Boosts.sneakerheads

Oh, and here’s the number for the Spotted Pig, just so you don’t have to Yelp it: (212) 620-0393.

[via Twitter, NYDN]

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