Budweiser’s “Brewed the Hard Way” commercial—viewed by the 114.4 million people who tuned in to the Super Bowl—showed a mustachioed dude with text saying Budweiser isn’t brewed to be “fussed over” or “dissected.” “Let them sip their peach pumpkin ale,” says the Anheuser-Busch ad, which declares Bud “proudly a macro beer.”

Craft beer fans on social media reacted en masse to the advertisement, pointing out that Anheuser-Busch has recently purchased a number of high-profile craft breweries, including Seattle’s Elysian Brewing Co., which makes a pumpkin peach amber ale.

Now, a production group that works with small brewers has spoofed the Super Bowl Bud advertisement.

Watch the video above, which states: “Craft beer, proudly brewed by people. It’s not brewed to be slammed, it’s brewed to taste good. This is the only beer with full flavor since 1979. Only craft beer is brewed by hand the actual hard way. We will savor our hundreds of styles, you keep pushing your one.” #ShotsFired

NOTE: 1979 most likely refers to the year Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Boulder Beer Company were founded. Craft beer fans should note that craft brewer Fritz Maytag was brewing Anchor Liberty Ale four years earlier, in 1975.

[via YouTube]