Pour-over purists have long touted the benefits of their chosen method of coffee brewing. When done properly, the technique extracts nuanced flavors and aromas from the coffee beans, and it comes with a beautiful ceremony that really makes you appreciate each cup (or makes you furious that you have to wait five minutes for your morning joe, depending on your state of mind).

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So, how to combine slow food-style charm with the needs of harried city slickers? A Brooklyn-based company Poursteady has designed a robotic machine that allows a barista to control the individual pour-over brewing of up to five cups of coffee at a time. All elements of the process are controllable via a smartphone app.

Here’s a little more info:

Design Taxi reports that prototypes of the Poursteady machine are currently in a few coffee shops around NYC, but the official debut of the machine is set for the Specialty Coffee Association of America show in April 2015.

The design team behind Poursteady has a background in robotics, and it shows. In an interview with Cool Hunting, CEO Stephan von Muehlen and co-founder/lead engineer Stuart Heys talked about their focus on functionality. They estimate that the current version of the Poursteady should last around 10 years.

Von Muehlen also talked to Cool Hunting about where Poursteady in its development:

“We’ve done a few pop-ups and have consistently been able to do one pour-over a minute. Our record is 450 in one day. It just works. We’re basically leveraging standard industrial automation components. It’s a unique configuration and application, but all the parts are rated for hundreds of thousands of cycles.”

The company currently plans to do a beta release of 10 machines. If you’re interested, you can sign up to be considered here, although Poursteady emphasizes that it wants to pair its machines up with “the right coffee shops, restaurants, and vendors,” so there are no guarantees.

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