Proving once again that Canadians are the nicest people on the continent, a sozzled Ontario man attempted to leave a $98,931.87 tip on a $7 sandwich over the weekend, the Toronto Sun reports. Unfortunately, his body was writing checks his bank couldn’t cash, and the 35-year-old’s credit card was declined which left his waitress with zero tip and presumably the biggest let down of her career.

The kindly drunkard’s good intentions then backfired further. The police were called when they guy couldn’t pay his bill, determined he was too blotto to make his way home, and hauled him off to lockup so he could sober up overnight.

As if his impending hangover wasn’t punishment enough, it turns out the would-be philanthropist had broken a prior court order to lay off the liquor (we’d love to know what he did to earn that sentence—help an old lady cross the highway?) so he was held for a bail hearing, the results of which are unknown.

It’s too bad the credit card transaction didn’t go through; we’d wager that waking up from a bender to realize you accidentally gave away close to $100,000 is as effective as any 12-step program.


[via Munchies]