Pop Chart Lab killed it in 2014, bringing you well-designed, educational posters on everything from wine grape varietals to craft breweries.

PCLs very first release of 2015 is the Matrix of Mixology collection, featuring 12”x16” Rum, Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Brandy, and Tequila prints. These posters break down classic cocktails into their constituent spirits, mixers, and garnishes, denoting proper ratios and even illustrating the appropriate glass to serve the drinks in.

You can order each print in the Matrix of Mixology series individually ($20 each), together in a box set ($108), or as a single canvas print on the Pop Chart Lab website ($100). That’s more than 150 classic cocktail recipes—from the Tom and Jerry to the Martinez—diagrammed across 9 square feet.

Put these posters in your kitchen or living room, and you’ll never grapple with what cocktail to make when your friends arrive and it’s time to turn up.

Here’s some close up shots of the six Matrix of Mixology posters, as well as the single all-encompassing print.

Matrix of Brandy Mixology


Matrix of Tequila Mixology


Matrix of Vodka Mixology


Matrix of Rum Mixology


Matrix of Gin Mixology


Matrix of Whiskey Mixology


Matrix of Mixology Collection