The potential “worst snowstorm in history” failed to materialize last night—at least in NYC—but there was certainly a blizzard of cabin fever-induced tweeting to contend with. Amid all the #Snowmageddon2015 rabble-rousing and kale hysteria, an underdog hashtag emerged to steal the night: #hiphopcocktails, inspired by comedian Joe Mande’s tale of a drink in Denver called the Trinidad James.
After that, people were off to the races, coining cocktail puns based on rap names and sayings. Here are some of the best:

It should be noted that while these would make amusing names for cocktails, we once teamed up with some real bartenders to make actual hip-hop shot recipes like Schmurda She Wrote and The F Is For Phenomenal. If you’re stuck home from work today, it might be a good time to try them.

[via Twitter/@JoeMande]