Think basic bitches are the only ones drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes while sporting Uggs and taking #IWokeUpLikeThis selfies? Think again. Menfolk can be pretty damn basic, too.

We’ve already witnessed aging frat boys justify their love of rosé—but the “Bro-sé Effect” doesn’t even begin to capture how basic bros can actually be. That’s where the @BrosBeingBasic Instagram comes in.

From Sprinkles cupcake selfies to the quintessential #Underarmour coffee and meditation ‘gram, here’s a look at males at their most #basic. We honestly thought we were over the concept of basic, but then this Instagram happened.

The Skinny Vanilla Latte selfie

Nice #JCrewPants and #BrooksBrothersCoat.

A photo posted by @brosbeingbasic on

Location: Terminal C bathroom

Caption:Grrrrrrrr my flight is delayed but at least I have my#SkinnyVanillaLatte and time for a selfie! #SkyMilesStyle #AirportFlow#BrooksBrothersCoat #TogglesOnFleek”

The Sprinkles Cupcake Selfie

cc: @YouDidNotEatThat

A photo posted by @brosbeingbasic on

Caption:Omgggg on the #12thDayOfBasicness my true love gave to me……A DOZEN @SPRINKLESCUPCAKES!!! #12DaysOfBasicness #TreatYoself #CaloriesDontCountOnHolidays #IWorkAtAbercrombie #AssistantManager”

The #Brunch ‘Gram

“If you don’t Insta your brunch, it didn’t happen!”…FOH!

A photo posted by @brosbeingbasic on

Location: Waffle House

Caption:#BaeCaughtMeGrammin #SundayBrunch #GlutenFree #CuttingCarbs”

The Pumpkin-Spice Martini ‘Gram

Because the only thing more basic than a vodka martini is a *pumpkin-spice* vodka martini.

A photo posted by @brosbeingbasic on

Caption: One last #PumpkinSpiceMartini before December LOL! Vacay isn’t over until my alarm goes off tomorrow! #HateWhenMyRolexPullsMyArmHair”

Matching ‘Vino/Vodka’ Socks ‘Gram

#SoxyAndWeKnowIt (vom)

A photo posted by @brosbeingbasic on

Caption:You know you’re best bros when you get each other the same gifts for Christmas lol!!”

The Popping Bottles InstaVideo

“‘There is always something worth popping a bottle for’ ~ Lord Disick”

A video posted by @brosbeingbasic on

Location: Publix Rooftop

Cheers #OMG

Who drinks red wine with guacamole…

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