Do you and your lover go to a particular cafe every morning, or indulge in a hot dog at Costco every Sunday? Many couples have rituals surrounding food and drink, and they associate good times and good feelings with a particular eatery.

So it comes as no surprise that, last week, DeAnna Dodson and Jordan Senz got hitched at their local Starbucks in WisconsinEvery morning the couple wakes up and goes to Starbucks to drink coffee together, making it the perfect venue for their matrimony. Eater reports, “At 9am on New Year’s Eve, dressed in jeans and sweatshirts, the couple said their vows—which included the punny phrase ‘I promise to love you a latte’in front of friends, family, and ‘fellow Starbucks patrons.'”

But if you think this is the only chain that two people have gotten married in, you’d be very wrong. Here’s a brief history of people getting married at jokes places like Taco Bell and White Castle.

Costco Wedding in CA


Robert Bonilla met Meredith at a California Costco. That day, sparks flew in the frozen foods section, and the duo has been together ever since. This past weekend, the couple got hitched in the frozen foods section of that very same Santa Maria Costco store. Although Costco doesn’t typically book weddings at their store locations (sigh), the company made an exception for the couple upon hearing the circumstances of their meeting. (Photo: @vexyvox)

Taco Bell Wedding in IL


This fast-food wedding really takes the cake: In 2009, Illinois couple Paul and Caragh Brooks were married at Taco BellWedding favors included Taco Bell hot-sauce packets that read “Will you marry me?” Paul Brooks said, “We’re a little bit of an offbeat couple, so we figured that we wanted to have an offbeat ceremony, and Taco Bell is the closest thing we have to a church, so…this is where we like to hang out; this is where we wanted to do it.” What a tear-jerker. (Photo: AP)

White Castle Wedding in KY

“For fast food lovers, White Castle is a kind of high church,” writes Huffington Post. Truer words have never been penned. In 2009, Clinton Smith and Rosemary Coones tied the knot at a Louisville, KY White Castle—the world’s largest location of the restaurant. The couple won their nuptials in a contest sponsored by the fast-food chain and local radio station DJX 99.7. The wedding featured a burger-shaped cake, of course. In the video above, the bride explains that her parents had their first date at White Castle, and that as a child, she would return to the establishment with them every year on Valentine’s Day.