In recent weeks, New York has been mourning the loss of wd~50 , the cutting-edge, modernist restaurant run by Wylie Dufresne that TIME calls “the CBGB of this era.” It was in Dufresne’s kitchen that deep-fried mayo and pizza served in pebble form became a serious culinary art form. It was reported that $41,000 worth of tickets were sold for the final few meals.

TIME promises to capture the magic and chaos of it all with a short film titled, “The Last Days of wd~50,” which is set to air in early 2015, according to Eater. The two-minute preview shows reactions from industry workers and media folks alike, but we think Lucky Peach’s Peter Meehan sums it up best:

My first reaction to my first meal at wd~50 was not awe and pleasure; it was like, “What the fuck is this guy doing?”

Many pundits claim that it was Dufresnse who revitalized the Lower East Side in 2003. Ironically, his restaurant is being shut down to make way for new apartments. We’re not worried, though. Dufresne is too big a talent to have his hands idle for too long—plus, he’s still got his modernist gastropub, Alder, in the East Village.

[via Eater]

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