With the global rise of skilled latte art, it’s easy to have mixed feelings on the subject. If you like ridiculously cute stuff, you probably love it all. But if you don’t, sometimes you’re stuck stepping back and simultaneously admiring the tremendous level of skill involved, while still fighting back cute-induced nausea. We imagine that’s probably why some baristas prefer to create distinctly NSFW latte art, like the barista at this Scottish cafe.

What if we told you that Japanese gadget-maker Takara Tomy wants to put the power to create all the 3D latte art you’ve ever dreamed of in your hands?

The Awa Taccino takes either non-fat milk (for iced coffee) or soy milk (for hot coffee), blends it up with a simple flip of a switch, and turns it into foam. After you let it sit for 2 minutes, you can then carefully pipe foam onto your beverage of choice. To finish, you’ll need a tiny paintbrush and some chocolate (or other flavored/colored) syrup. Et voilà, all the fluffy 3D kittens or 3D middle fingers you ever wanted are at your disposal, right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

You have a choice of white or brown for your Awa Taccino, and you can get it from Japan Trend right now for $52 plus shipping.

3d latte 2 3d latte 3

Whether you want unbearably cute animals on top of your coffee every morning, or the kind of caffeine fix that would make your grandma blush, you can have it. The coolest thing about this milk foam gun is that it’s all up to your imagination.

[via That’s Nerdalicious]