It sounds like the setup for a heist movie, except that it actually happened.

The Sunday World reports that a band of at least five thieves managed to steal a huge amount of liquor from a warehouse in Ballyfermot, just west of Dublin.

Here’s how it went down: Two of the thieves went into the warehouse armed with nothing but a couple of iron bars. The thieves then forced the two guards on duty to open the loading bay. Then three more thieves showed up and began loading up two 40 foot unmarked trucks with liquor.

Here’s what was stolen:

  • 2,580 cases of Jameson Whiskey (a case is made of six 700ml bottles). Each stolen case and corresponding bottles inside contain one of three batch numbers: L428112153, L428312172, L428016141
  • Several cases of Bombay Sapphire. No number of stolen cases given. No batch numbers given.
  • Several cases of Jack Daniels Whiskey No number of stolen cases given. No batch numbers given.

The two trucks involved were fairly nondescript. As the grainy security photos above show, one had a red cab and a white trailer, while the other had a white cab and a blue trailer. No visible markings were said to exist on either truck.

While this theft occurred on November 14th, the Irish Garda (police) waited to release this information until closer to the holidays.

They strongly suspect that the thieves stole this alcohol just to sell it in the days leading up to Christmas.


Anyone with information about the heist is requested to contact the Ballyfermot Garda station at 01 6667227/01 6667200 or the Garda Confidential Line at 1800666111.

Missing whiskey is a sad way to start a holiday season, indeed. While we don’t know if that whiskey was even intended for export, our thoughts are with our fellow spirits fans around the globe.

On the bright side, at least there’s almost a month left to ask Santa for some more.

[via the Sunday World, Eater]