Let’s face it: the holidays are the messiest time of the year.

Another thing we can’t deny: Alcohol is the social lubricant that smooths over potentially awkward family gatherings. But all that booze drinking can lead to nasty red wine stains.

Luckily, San Francisco-based design team Superduperstudio is looking out for your carpets and couches with its spillproof Saturn Glasses.

These gorgeous glasses are much more dignified than those plastic adult sippy cups.

According to the design team, the wine glasses are the result of four years of research. Everything is done with the utmost care, to ensure that these glasses are as useful and reliable as they are beautiful. The glasses are:

  • hand-shaped before being mold-blown by Oakland, CA-based glass artisans
  • annealed overnight (glass is slowly cooled to relieve material stresses)
  • cut and polished by hand

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The drinking vessels come in two sizes for red and white wines: a 150-175 millimeter glass for red wine, and a 120-150 millimeter glass for white wine.

Designer Christopher Yamane addressed the absence of a traditional wineglass stem for Dezeen:

“One small downside for not having a traditional stem seems to be how the temperature of your hand affects the temperature of the wine, but isn’t as big of a problem in the red as the white.”

If you’re interested in ordering, you can contact Superduperstudio here.

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