Picking out presents for the holidays can be difficult, but there’s one go-to gift that delights every time: a bottle of whiskey. From bourbon, to scotch, to rye and Irish whiskey, as long as you know what bottle of brown to buy, you really can’t go wrong.

To help make your holiday shopping quests even easier, First We Feast has teamed up with our friends over at Liquor.com to help you find the perfect boozy gifts for everyone in your life.

The Bottle for Your Boss Gift Idea

Johnnie Walker

Nothing says professional like a bottle of Johnnie Walker. With a range of styles (black, blue, gold, green, etc.) at varying prices, you can match the perfect bottle to your target cash and brown-nosing budget.

Pro Tip: After your boss opens her gift, tell her that Johnnie was Winston Churchill’s “whisky of choice” and that you thought it only befitting to gift her a bottle of it. Then sit back and watch that holiday bonus grow…

The Bottle for Your In-Laws Gift Idea

Templeton Rye

Rye whiskey was popular when our parents were coming of age, and like all good things that are old, it’s back in fashion again. However, unlike the swill your in-laws probably drank back in the day, we suggest you buy them a bottle of the sweet, spicy, and smooth Templeton Rye.

Pro Tip: Templeton Rye was said to have been Al Capone’s favorite whiskey—impress your in-laws with that little tidbit of history!


The Bottle for Your Sister or Brother


Nothing says, “I love you, sibling,” like a great bottle of Scotch, and Glenlivet is the brand to buy. Depending on age and rarity, bottles can run you from $20 to hundreds of dollars. Since you love your brother or sister, but don’t love them that much, think about grabbing a bottle of the 12 Year—it’s amazingly well priced for its full flavor and complex palate.

Pro Tip: As your brother or sister unwraps his/her gift, punch the fool as hard as you can in the arm. When your mom asks you why you did that, tell her, “That jerk deserved it!”

The Bottle for Your Best Friend Gift Idea


Beside being affordable and delicious, there’s something about Jameson that just says “friend.” Moreover, when your best buddy unwraps their bottle of Jamo, it will bring back some nostalgic (and possibly nauseating) memories with you from years past—and then you two will crack that bottle and make some new ones.

Pro Tip: Tell your friend that the next time he/she has a cold (or is just feeling cold) to mix up a warm, delicious Hot Toddy with his new bottle of Jameson—it beats the hell out of Mom’s chicken soup!

The Holiday Party Whiskey Gift Idea

Jim Beam

Forget that bottle of wine, and bring a bottle of Jim Beam to your next holiday party. You really can’t mess up here: It’s well priced, tastes great, and will be a welcome addition to the festivities. You’ll be the hero of the night.

Pro Tip: Kick things up a notch and mix up some Bourbon Old Fashioned cocktails with that bottle of Beam at the party.



Pappy Van Winkle

Pappy Van Winkle only produces around 84,000 bottles a year, making it one of the rarest and most coveted new bottles to buy. We know that number may sound large, but consider that other bourbon makers like Jim Beam produce closer to 84 million bottles per year. With bottles of Pappy selling for as much as $5,000 on eBay, this is the ultimate whiskey to buy someone that you’re really trying to impress.

Pro Tip: Upon gifting this amazing and expensive bottle, promptly suggest that you two open and sample it—double win!

The Bottle for Your Employee Gift Idea


Bulleit is a fantastic gift for a number of reasons: it’s delicious, inexpensive (especially if you have multiple employees you need to buy for), and an excellent base spirit for a variety of bourbon cocktails. Honestly, this is a great present for anyone you’d like to buy a good bottle of whiskey without breaking into the savings account.

Pro Tip: Select a great, easy-to-make bourbon cocktail (like this Manhattan recipe) to print and gift with the bottle of Bulleit. You’ll look even classier.

The Bottle for Your Posh Friend Gift Idea


Besides being delicious and smooth, Japanese whisky is very posh and trendy right now, which makes Yamazaki the perfect bottle for that friend who spends more money on his/her wardrobe than you do on your rent. If you want to save a few bucks, go with the 12 year (it’s phenomenal) versus the 16 year (which is even better, but more expensive).

Pro Tip: Bow in respect as you hand your friend this gift and watch as your buddy’s bewilderment turns to delight as she unwraps this amazing bottle.


The Bottle for the Recent Grad Gift Idea

Jack Daniels

It’s tough graduating college and entering the real world. Besides all the new responsibilities and pressures, you barely have time  to party anymore. Nothing brings back those warm (and perhaps slightly hazy) college memories for a recent college grad like a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Pro Tip: Gift this bottle alongside a poster of Belushi chugging JD from Animal House.

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