If something about your morning joe is a little bitter (and it’s not your attitude), try changing up the color of your mug.

A study published this month in the journal Flavor suggests that the coloring of your drinking vessel might affect your perceived flavor of the coffee. The idea for the experiment came from a conversation between the study’s author George H. Van Doorn and an Australian barista, who mentioned that his customers thought their coffee was more bitter when served in a white mug as opposed to glass mug.

Turns out those hipster coffee shops were onto something. After some research, Van Doorn found that “white may affect the perceived brownness of the coffee,” making the drink taste less sweet. Because the clear and blue mugs have less of a contrast to the rich java, they have a better drinking experience.

As a closing statement the author suggests,

“Café owners, baristas, as well as crockery manufacturers should carefully consider the colour of the mug and the potential effects that its colour may exert over the multisensory coffee drinking experience.”

So if all you coffee snobs out there want to be a more learned coffee drinker, choose your mug wisely.

[via The Independent]