President Obama—the first president to brew beer in the White House—and White House chef Sam Kass have just been given special lifetime membership to the American Homebrewers Association.

Obama purchased a homebrewing kit in 2011 (strong move, pres), then proceeded to brew White House Honey Ale (recipe here) with the help of chef Kass, and serve it to his White House guests. Then Kass and Obama expanded to brew a honey porter and a honey blonde. All three beers were brewed with honey from the White House beehive, of course.

Seeing that the craft beer scene finally got The New Yorker cover treatment, it seems fitting that our President gets inducted into the American Homebrewers Association. Gary Glass, director of the AHA, said,

“Homebrewing is a model example of a bipartisan, pro-community and pro-business activity that all kinds of people can be passionate about and enjoy. President Obama and chef Kass are among the nation’s 1.2 million homebrewers, which include both Republicans and Democrats.”

But wasn’t George Washington the first pres to brew beer? George Washington did brew beer and distill whiskey—but that was at his Mount Vernon home. Then there’s Thomas Jefferson, who was a bonafide winemaker. But Mr. Obama is the first president known to have brewed beer on the White House grounds. We thank him for making homebrewing a certified American tradition.

In other news, pour one out for Sam Kass, who will be stepping down from his position as White House chef this month. Dude did big things while he reigned.

[Side note: Can we all acknowledge that the headline for the White House beer recipe, posted by Kass on the official White House blog, is “Ale to the Chief”? Legend.]


[via official press release, WSJ]

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