By now, the charms of Japan’s cat cafés are well established. If you love cats, what’s not to love about combining cats, baked goods, and coffee or tea? Really, it was only a matter of time before the concept made its way to American shores.

While NYC had a pop-up cat café back in April, The Daily Meal reports that NYC’s first permanent cat café, Meow Parlour, is now hiring.

Meow Parlour is located at 46 Hester Street, and will open for business on December 15th.

meow parlour 1

As Eater reports, Meow Parlour is neatly handling the health department concerns of staging a cat café by keeping the cat portion and the bakery portion in completely separate spaces from one another.

That’s important to know if you want to work there, because Meow Parlour’s Craigslist ad says that the majority of sales staff they hire will rotate between those two locations. So you’ll be working with “both the bakery aspect and the cat aspect.” In addition to standard bakery/coffee/cafe duties at the bakery portion, staff at the bakery will also deliver baked goods to the cat portion.

Meanwhile, staff at the cat café will primarily be responsible for ensuring the well-being of the cats, cleaning up after them, and ensuring that both humans and felines in the cat cafe are comfortable and getting along well.

Interested applicants should fill out this form completely, as well as send a cover letter and resume in response to Meow Parlour’s CL ad. Per the ad, Meow Parlour will not consider applicants that don’t include all three things.

meow parlour 2

While the concept of a cat café is a new one to the U.S, Meow Parlour’s owners have serious bakery experience on their side. The co-owners are Christine Ha and Emilie Legrand of Macaron Parlour. Both are also long-time cat lovers, and have connected with KittyKind to facilitate the cat portion of the cafe with adoptable cats.

Eater reports that around 12 adoptable cats will inhabit the café at a time.

Here are some other important things to know before your visit:

  • Meow Parlour will take online reservations for cat time. The reservations page isn’t live yet, but will be soon.
  • Rates for adults and children over 10: $4 per half-hour
  • Children under 10 are allowed, with a chaperone, at a rate of $12 for one hour. However, Meow Parlour requests that children under 10 stick to the specially alotted time slots MP will make available for them. Some children may have great cat experience, but others may not, and Meow Parlour just wants to make sure both the cats and the children have a good time.
  • The maximum length of a single Meow Parlour visit is 5 hours, and there’s free WiFi.
  • You must sign a waiver before playing with the cats. A full list of rules is here.

We’re happy that we don’t have to go all the way to Oakland, CA to get our cat café fix in the U.S. anymore. We’re also happy that U.S. cat cafés are all trying to help cats in need of adoption. Combining cats, a bakery, and a cat adoption service into one thing is like the ultimate triumvirate of ‘warm and fuzzy feelings.’

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