Product placement in blockbuster movies doesn’t come cheap, so we’re very curious to know how much Belvedere paid to be the preferred vodka in the next Bond movie. Unfortunately, the figure hasn’t been disclosed, but since Heineken paid an estimated $45 million to be featured in 2012’s Skyfall, we’d hazard that it’s enough to finance a couple of spectacular on-screen luxury car crashes.

According to a New York Times report, Bond drank Smirnoff in most of the franchise’s 23 previous movies, although he switched to Finlandia for 2002’s Die Another Day. But when Spectre opens in November 2015, he’ll be ordering a Belvedere martini—shaken, not stirred. The Polish brand is no doubt hoping the partnership will boost it out of ninth place in vodka rankings, as measured by the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index.

Photo: Facebook/ James Bond 007
Shooting isn’t the only thing that goes on behind the scenes. (Photo: Facebook/ James Bond 007)

In addition to physical contact with Daniel Craig’s mouth (for which a lot of people would pay a lot of money), the partnership includes extensive global PR campaigns, which have apparently already started with the video above. The Times reports that Belvedere will release two limited-edition 007-themed bottles and a martini recipe called the Belvedere Spectre, as well as host a series of promotional events at bars and nightclubs.

Can brand loyalty really be bought this way? Belvedere is wagering that, with the right suit, anything is possible.

[via the New York Times]