We all have friends who are massive booze “aficionados,” don’t we? If we’re not those people ourselves, we definitely know those people. Finding gifts for those appreciators of alcohol is sometimes no easy task, because they usually have the “booze” part of “booze hound” covered with all their very specific favorites.

Just when you think you’ve had it up to here with novelty bottle openers, a few companies have come up with brilliant, useful booze accessories that will help keep your favorite alcohol enthusiast warm this winter.

The Mitten Flask

booze hound mitten flask

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Where to get it: Urban Outfitters, $24

Now you can keep your hands and everything else warm with a simple flick of your thumb. Just don’t lift anything heavy while you’re wearing these mittens, or you might end up taking a brown spirits bath. That’s not a #ButWhereDidAllTheRumGo moment you want to have.

The Drinking Jacket

Where to get it: It’s already fully funded on Kickstarter with 6 days left in the campaign. $75 gets you a jacket with free shipping.

The Kickstarter page has a ton of detailed photos that show all the features of this Drinking Jacket, but we felt like we didn’t understand its true genius until we watched the video above. Now we get it, and you’d better believe we’d never leave it anywhere if we had one. But that return tag is still a good touch—if you know some really awesome people who would actually give this hoodie back.

Johnnie Tan Leather Brogue

booze hound header

Photo: Oliver Sweeney

Where to get it: Oliver Sweeney, $489

This limited edition Oliver Sweeney calf leather brogue is made in Italy, and features a special compartment to hide a tiny little nip of Johnnie Walker in the heel. It also features a clear panel on the bottom, so you can show off your secret if you choose. It’s probably a little low-tech for the Daniel Craig version of James Bond, but if you want a call back to Sean Connery-era Bond, look no further.

These shoes would be the perfect thing to accessorize your Johnnie Walker Black smart tweed ensemble, as well.

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