A Manhattan brewery has come under fire for some distasteful branding.

According to the New York Daily News, Heartland Brewery’s Bavarian Black Lager is receiving backlash for the beer’s slogan, “you’ll be a slave to the flavor. The “dark, slightly bitter lager” is served in a glass that depicts a white lingerie-clad woman whipping a bent-over white man.

Heartland’s owner Joe Bloostein says the tagline for the winter brew is nothing new. The brewery has been serving the lager for years in racy dominatrix pint glasses (pictured above).

Still, some people think the slogan has crossed the line. Kirsten John Foy of the National Action Network responded,

“At a time when race relations are at the heart of the national and local discourse, Heartland Brewery has decided to evoke the pain and trauma of our nation’s most shameful and hateful legacy and use it as a cheap marketing ploy.”

Meanwhile, Drew Cerria wrote on the brewery’s Facebook page, “In case you’re not aware, that’s totally racist and f—– up!”

It wouldn’t be the first time beer companies relied on suggestive branding. Time Out Chicago’s Amy Cavanaugh called out breweries for using sexist labeling in August, and last year we found a whole slew of controversial bottles.

Regardless,  reviewers on Beer Advocate haven’t made a single comment about the brew’s racist slogan. The site calls the beer “very good,” and they give it a score of 86.


Photo: Richard Harbus for NYDN

[via New York Daily News]

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