If you’ve never had Hi-Chew, that’s all kinds of sad. The super-chewy, fruit-flavored candy is like next-level Starburst.

Hi-Chew—or hai-chuu (ハイチュウ)—is available in Japan in approximately one million flavors (just like Kit Kats).


And now, Hi-Chew candy is available as a drink!

At the beginning of this month, Japanese candy company Morinaga began selling “Hi-Chew Drink Mikan” in stores across Japan (except for Okinawa). The drink contains 5% fruit juice and is a mix of mikan (Japanese mandarin orange) and milk, two ingredients which combine to make a creamy beverage that tastes like Hi-Chew candy.


If you want to chug this stuff—just like we do—you should act fast, because Hi-Chew Drink Mikan will only be available until the end of January. 

Brb, buying our plane tickets to Japan.

[via RocketNews24]

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