After a taxing day of work, Happy Hour is that glorious time where you can let go for bit. Take a sip, toss one (or two) back—your choice.

But a Happy Week. That’s a fantasy we could get into.

Designer Peter Jostrand created this adorable six-pack, guaranteed to meet your daily recommended dose of beer. The fictional concept (buzzkill, right?) included one pilsner for each day of the week, with potency ranging from a mellow 3.0% ALC Monday to a raging 8.0% ALC Saturday. Jostrand intentionally left off Sunday, because “it is a day for rest.” Cheeky, isn’t he.

His simplistic packaging pulls from pill bottles at the drug store, with a clever prescription fill date and directions on how to preserve the medicine—it’s best served at 8-12 degrees Celsius.

Unfortunately, its suggestive packaging would never make it past the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The group took issue with Oregon-based brewery Ale Apothecary’s original labeling because it “falsely promotes a health benefit to the consumer.”

It doesn’t hurt to imagine, though. And “benefit” is a subjective term, after all.

Prescription BeerPrescription BeerPrescription Beer

[via Trendland]

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