We know some people are picky about their sandwich toppings, but this whole incident is definitely unique.

As the CBC reports, it started when two 20-year-old male customers argued with a Saskatoon Tim Hortons employee about the onions on a breakfast sandwich they’d ordered. The customers were dissatisfied with the sliced onions on the sandwich and demanded that they be switched to diced onions instead. Diced onions aren’t part of the normal food prep flow, so the employee declined.

garter snake

The argument escalated when one of the customers pulled a snake out of his friend’s pocket and threw it behind the Tim Hortons counter.

snake in your pocket
Photo: Tumblr/tiny-igloo

The employees immediately fled outside the store. Police responded to the incident and managed to retrieve the snake, which turned out to be a non-venomous garter snake. They’ve even named it and found it a temporary home until it can be released into the wild in the spring.


Saskatoon Police spokesperson Alyson Edwards described the incident for Global News:


“Very different, very bizarre and for the employees that were involved, very frightening because they wouldn’t know that wasn’t a poisonous snake or it wasn’t dangerous.”


Neither the store employees nor the snake were hurt in the incident. Both of the male customers have been charged with mischief and creating a disturbance.

We suppose this isn’t quite as extreme a food-related crime as trying to kill your roommate for stealing your Chips Ahoy! cookies, but it’s definitely the most original crime we’ve seen this week.

[via CBC, Global News]

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