As Thanksgiving and the holidays loom, here’s some sound social advice: Don’t be the guest that embarrasses themselves by having too much alcohol, and don’t be the host that embarrasses themselves by not having enough alcohol. To avoid both, Serious Eats cocktail contributor Michael Dietsch recommends sticking to the following drink-per-guest ratio: two tipples in the first hour and one every hour after that.

As a host, that’s a useful formula which you can use to calculate how many drinks to prepare. Just multiply [the number of guests] by [the duration of the party +1]. If those brackets brought back some middle school era panic, you can just use Serious Eats’ handy online drinks calculator to figure it out instead. Here’s what it looks like:

calculator1 calculator2

In addition to that invaluable party-planning tool, Dietsch has some other tips that will make sure everybody is well lubricated, like pre-freezing a couple of ice cubes per guest and pre-making batches of cocktails (he even throws in some recipes).

The latter not only makes you look like Martha Stewart and Don Draper’s love child, it also helps keep your costs down since you’ll be able to pick affordable brands of liquor. Plus, not having a self-serve bar ensures your increasingly soused guests don’t start getting heavy on the pours.

Photo: Flickr/ tymesynk

Photo: Flickr/ tymesynk

Over the next few weeks Dietsch has promised more boozy tips for all those holiday parties you’re going to be throwing/attending. Our advice? Start a pre-emptive juice cleanse now.

[via Serious Eats]