A Hong Kong based startup has invented a portable espresso maker that allows you extract a shot pretty much anywhere. The Minipresso, which retails for $49, uses a manual pump to build up the same amount of pressure as an espresso machine. “The cylindrical system includes a scoop for measuring and tamping grounds, a serving cup and insulated thermos for hot water,” reports Laughing Squid.

Watch the video above for a demo of how it works.

Photo: Minipresso

Photos: Minipresso

According to Gizmodo, the two most important things an espresso machine works with are temperature and pressure, and this device can apparently emulate both. Of course, as with any brewing method, there are other variables, but if you have access to hot water and quality coffee grounds then in theory you should be able produce a pretty decent ristretto (in 13 pumps) or espresso (in 18 pumps).

Photo: Minipresso

The six-inch gadget could save you from choking down any more awful office coffee, or dropping a couple hundred bucks on a home espresso machine that don’t have the capabilities of the larger, more pricey ones used in cafes. The only downside is the lack of a milk steamer for the perfect cortado or cappuccino, but here’s hoping they’ll add that in the 2.0 version.

[via Laughing Squid]

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