What has Satan got to do with an energy drink, and more specifically Monster? Well, the woman in the video above wants you to know that Monster is the Devil’s marketing ploy, which Satan uses to get into the minds and homes of innocent God-loving people.

How, exactly, is Monster guiding Christians into the arms of Lucifer?

After doing some extremely convincing amateur Hebrew cryptography, the woman says the ‘M’ on the Monster can looks like three of the Hebrew letter vav, side-by-side. “The letter vav is also the number 6. You could have here, in Hebrew, 666 on the can.”

What the? This woman is smoking some seriously strong shit.


She then points out a cross, the F word, and the word MILF on the can. “Do you know what a MILF is? That’s on the box. ‘MILFs dig it, and you will too,'” she reads.

“You can not deny that that is a cross,” she says, pointing to the ‘O’ in Monster. “And what is witchcraft? When the cross goes upside down. Bottoms up,” she continues, then pretends to drink the energy drink. “And the Devil laughs,” she says.


This lady is on some serious #StayWoke shit.

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