It isn’t even winter yet, but Brewery Ommegang is already teasing us with promises of good things for Spring 2015.

That’s when Ommegang will release their fifth HBO Game of Thrones collaboration, a 7.2% ABV dark saison ale called ‘Three-Eyed Raven.’

three eyed raven

Ommegang cautions that the same rules of availability apply to this beer as to other Ommegang brews. While Ommegang is sold in most states in the U.S., it’s not currently sold in North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi, West Virginia, Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming.

As for availability outside the U.S., Ommegang currently only exports to a handful of Canadian provinces, so you should also be able to buy Three-Eyed Raven if you live in British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, or Saskatchewan.

Mike McManus, Brewery Ommegang’s Innovation Manager, said in a statement:

[pullquote]”A dark saison is a style that we’ve been intrigued with for a while now and one that’s open to a broader stylistic interpretation. When we zeroed in on Bran’s [GoT] storyline with HBO, we knew this was the perfect opportunity to brew something with many different characteristics and attributes – a beer that’s not truly one thing or another. It is definitely the most unique beer in the series to date, which is very exciting.”[/pullquote]

So what makes Three-Eyed Raven so different? The brewery lists specialty malts, including malted rye, midnight wheat, and dark candi sugar. Hops include Hallertau Spalt Select, Tettnang, and Bravo hops. Some late-addition hops are also employed to amp up the character of this brew. Finally, it’s fermented and bottle-conditioned using Ommegang’s signature house yeast.

game of thrones brews ommegang

Previous Brewery Ommegang Game of Thrones options like Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take the Black Stout have reliably sold out very quickly.

As a result, Ommegang brewed nearly four times the volume of Valar Morghulis as it had Iron Throne, so you can still find it in stores as we post this.

bran stark

We say, this all sounds awesome, and we’re only sad we have to wait until spring to try it.

But like we said, you can still score a bottle of Valar Morghulis in stores right now. And if beer isn’t your thing, there’s always the Wines of Westeros series to slake your thirst.

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