The luck of the Irish seems to have failed Katie Mulrennan, whose job application was denied precisely because of her nationality. The 26-year-old responded to a Craigslist post for a teaching position in Seoul. She received the following response from the job agency:


This rationale is laughable for two reasons: Firstly, making generalizations like this about a country that has a population of 4.5 million is completely ridiculous. And secondly, South Koreans actually drink more on average than Irish people, according to data published in the Wall Street Journal.

Unfortunately, these bigoted hiring practices might not be totally uncommon in South Korea. According to a Washington Post survey, the country is extremely xenophobic; more than one in three people said they wouldn’t want a neighbor of a different race.

But let’s not start making generalizations ourselves about how racist an entire country is. The International Business Times reports that Mulrennan has prior experience teaching English in Korea, so clearly not everyone there thinks she’s going to black out on Guinness.

[via Weird Asia News]